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ROOTS for PET with seeds


Certified by the Green Burial Council, ROOTS is a green funeral product  made from coffee grounds, dolomite lime and natural clay.

Cremated Animal :

The ROOTS urn is suitable for the ashes of any animal (up to 2 litres of ashes).

Non-cremated Animal :

The ROOTS urn can also be used to bury any deceased small animal (bird, rodent, small reptile, fish, etc.). The lower part of the urn measures 6x6x6 inches.

Each ROOTS urn contains 3 complimentary different species of trees.

  • Pinus Sylvestris
  • Catalpa Speciosa
  • Robinia pseudoacacia

These species were selected because their germination is easy.

The proven and highly effective planting system will allow for the inside planting of the tree in order to maximise germination and growth.

What is included :

  • ROOTS urn
  • Biodegradable bag for ashes
  • Biodegradable plantation pot
  • Peat pellets
  • 3 types of seeds
  • Fertilizer stick
  • Instructions
Technical specifications

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions - 6,8 x 6,8 x 10,5 " ( W x L x H )
  • Materials - Post-consumer coffee grounds, Natural Clay, Ecological, Biodegradable
  • Colours - Brown, White, Sand
  • Weight - 4,5 lbs
  • Capacity - 122 cubic inches
  • Usages - Scattering, Burial
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