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Is it legal to bury my ROOTS urn? In what location can i bury it?

It is advisable to investigate the regulations in your country, province and locality.
For example, in Quebec (Canada) you can bury your urn and your tree:

  • In an ecological cemetery

                 Les sentiers cimetière naturel (Prévost - Laurentides)

                 Cimetière Catholiques (Granby)

                 Cimetière St-Michel (Shawinigan)

  • On your piece of land, at the cottage or on a private property, with the agreement of the owner
  • In a public forest

Can I bring my urn to a funeral home?

Yes. Tell your funeral home consultant that you have already purchased an urn. Make sure that you know the precise dimensions if you are placing the urn in a funeral niche, as well as the materials accepted by the chosen columbarium.

Can I keep the urn at home?

In Quebec, it is possible to keep the urn at home, to bury it in a cemetery or place it in a columbarium. It is also possible to keep or dispose (of all or a portion only) of the ashes according to the will of the deceased or his-her family (except when this is contrary to municipal regulations or civil order).

Who will place the ashes in the urn?

Generally speaking, the insertion of the ashes in the urn is done by the funeral home personnel after the cremation. However, it is possible to ask the funeral home or the crematorium to give you the deceased’s ashes in a transportation receptacle.

Important: For security measures, the ashes should be placed in a plastic bag inside the urn for protection in the event the urn is broken.

Does the urn needs to be sealed?

It is not mandatory to seal the urn. If you wish to do so, you can use a silicone-based sealer, available at hardware stores.

However, as a safety measure, the ashes should always be placed in a plastic bag inside the urn in order to protect them in the event the urn is broken.

Will the urn be too big for the niche at the columbarium?

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the urn is ordered in accordance to the dimensions of the chosen niche and the policies of the columbarium it is doing business with.

What size urn do I need?

The general industry standard is approximately 1 pound of healthy weight equals 1 cubic inch of remains.

In other words, a 130-pound body before death will require roughly 130 cubic inches or more urn capacity. However, you can choose to dispose of only part of the ashes in the urn and the rest according to your wishes or to those of the deceased (spread out in nature, a reliquary, etc.)