Muses Urnes Design

LUNE - biodegradable cremation urn

Julie Durocher

Biodegradable cremation urns

With a design that is both refined and graceful, this urn symbolises a chrysalis, a shell protecting its interior, a matrix. Adorned with Murano glass, its cover shimmers above the white and matte cotton surface. From these two materials emanates a feeling of purity and light.  A sense of poetry, truly feminine, emerges; the reflection of the moon, the brilliance of water.

The top of the urn forms a receptacle that can serve as a space of offering.  Here you can place flowers, personal items or jewellery. Inside the cover, a little secret compartment can be found where you can leave a note, a prayer.

This biodegradable urn can also be kept at home.

Delivered in a magnificent Furoshiki Japanese style bag whose knotting symbolises the respect of a ritual.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions - 7,5 x 9 x 9 " ( W x L x H )
  • Materials - Ecological, Recycled cotton fibre, Biodegradable
  • Colours - White
  • Weight - 1 lbs
  • Capacity - 183 cubic inches
  • Usages - Burial, Scattering, Preservation

Product available only in funeral homes. (contact us if this urn is not available at the funeral home of your choice)


Eco-design, handmade, details on Murano glass cover. Flowers not included.