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A+J Metissage

A+J Metissage

A + J Métissage was founded in 2008. It is a couple, a family, and a business, in which the blending is complete, inseparable.  It’s more than just the craftsmanship, A + J Métissage is the mastering of a lifestyle, united around the same sensibility towards an object, design and everything that is pure and beautiful by its simplicity.

Present in many stores in Canada and the United States with their range of kitchen products, A + J Métissage has collaborated with many diverse designers, both by taking part in special projects and in the production of custom made objects. The couple additionally has an artistic career, which led them to win François-Houdé Prize in 2016.

At A + J Métissage, the blending of glass and ceramics goes further than a simple technique. It's to create beauty and exclusivity based on two materials that complement each other. When these materials get together, highlighting each other's qualities, a new aesthetic comes out: one of harmony. Contrast creates this harmony: transparency and opacity, matte and glossy.

Amélie Lucier, ceramist

Amélie graduated from Centre de Céramique Bonsecours in 2007. Creativity has always been her main strength. When working the clay, she owns it and lets her imagination bring it to life. This is what she loves the most.

Softness is her secret, which leads to the simple, subtle and extremely pure shapes she creates. This softness was her main inspiration in creating the urns for Muses.

Julien Mongeau, glassblower

Upon graduating from Espace Verre in 2006, Julien assisted established glassblowers while starting his own professional career.  Recently he attended molding and casting of ceramic workshops in order to master this technique that is becoming an important part of A + J Métissage blending projects.  Of course, he continues working with his main material: the glass that he melts, blows and as it flows, he transforms it into art.

Julien's obsession is to always innovate by creating new tools and techniques that will allow him to realize the impossible.