Muses Urnes Design

About us

Muses Design Urns is an innovative vision that redefines trends in matters related to commemoration. Through art and design, Muses wishes to honour the singularity and personality of everyone.

Exceptional products

Muses Design Urns offers distinctive products for children, adults and pets. Each piece is conceived to be preserved in the home, buried or placed in a columbarium. As with the design, the choice of materials is also different as every person is unique. Whether it be in glass, wood, ceramic, concrete, steel or biodegradable composites, each Muses funeral art piece bears the signature of inspired and inspirational creators, most of which are Quebecers.

Art serving grief

Art is a catalyst for bringing us closer, inspires and transports us; it is a subtle instrument that eases our grief.

Like a valuable painting, our urns elicit emotions. Each piece embodies and reminds us of our loved one that becomes a muse for those left behind.

A company marked by social values

1% of Muses’ sales will be used to offer free urns for children of needy families.

With an emphasis on local and equitable trade, Muses enlists the expertise of local artists/designers for the production of the majority of its funeral urns collection.